Rapid Engineering, LLC, manufacturers several HVAC systems that provide both direct and indirect fired capabilities to meet commercial and industrial heating, cooling and ventilation requirements. We offer systems ranging in size from 1,000 to 150,000 CFM.

Our air management systems are installed worldwide, in a wide range of buildings includingfactories, distribution centers, warehouses, freight and logistics hubs, aircraft hangars, vehicle repair facilities, government & public works facilities, ventilated parking structures and more. Some of our HVAC systems are customizable to fit your needs within the industry. Our air handlers can heat spaces using indirect fired, direct fired, electric, or steam/hot water sources. Building temperature and pressurization can be controlled by a direct digital controller(DDC). It also communicates with a building management systems via BACNet, Modbus, N2 and LONworks. 

Direct Fired

Rapid has commercial-grade and industrial-grade direct fired air handling options: the 4000 Series and the 2000 Series. The 4000 Series has welded cabinetry for industrial-grade durability and also has the option of semi-customization for tailoring a solution to fit specific buildings needs up to 150,000 CFM. The 2000 series is our commercial-grade air handler suited for applications up to 40,000 CFM with many options allow selection to fit most applications where semi-customization is not needed.

Indirect Fired

Indirect-Fired air handlers allow up to 100% return air for energy-efficient reheating and recirculation and also can be used in spaces where the open flame combustion of direct-fired units are not allowed. Welded drum and tube heat exchanger design and welded cabinetry make our indirect fired products suitable for industrial environments. (8500 Series) supply building pressurization with heating and/or cooling, while our Air Turnover units (7500 Series) excel at efficient space conditioning (heating or cooling) through recirculation with less outdoor air/make-up air.

For over 50+ years, Rapid Engineering has led the industry with technical innovations and an unequaled commitment to customer satisfaction. We've provided equipment to many of the leading Fortune 500 companies throughout the country and specialize in providing the highest value available. Our air management systems are designed to meet the needs of custom applications but sold at semi-custom pricing levels. Our services are found in many different markets, including manufacturing, foundry, warehouse and distribution centers, commercial kitchens, water treatment facilities and waste water treatment plants.


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