Direct Fired, Indirect Fired, Air Turnover Literature

Rapid Engineering LLC manufactures and supplies a wide range of HVAC equipment. Based on the type of application, there are multiple different options to fit your needs. Direct fired air handlers deliver fresh outside air into the space. Indirect fired air handlers allow up to 100% return air capabilities and provide heating/cooling options when minimum building ventilation requirements are recognized. Air turnover units provide an energy efficient, indirect fired uniform space heating option. On each product, customization is available to fit various types of applications such as commercial/industrial buildings or warehouses and distribution centers.

Commercial Direct Fired Literature (2000-Series):
Split System Outdoor Condensing Units (3200-Series):
Industrial Direct Fired Literature (4000-Series):
Indirect Fired Air Handlers Literature (8500-Series):

Discontinued Products: Installation, Operation & Service Manuals

In an effort to concentrate greater resources on the refinement and enhancement of core product lines, Rapid Engineering LLC has implemented product discontinuation on the products as listed below, effective March 13, 2015. Please visit our other Specified Air Solutions brands for additional product availability. 

On previously available products, the standard warranty governed per the Terms and Conditions of Sale is still valid. Parts will still be available throughout and beyond the remainder of the warranty, but subject to availability from our suppliers. Contact Rapid Engineering LLC's Service Department for more information. Technical support is always available from the knowledgeable team at Rapid Engineering LLC.