Indoor Air TurnoversAir Turnover units are specifically designed to draw in room air from the floor, heat or cool it, and discharge it near the ceiling level of the space.   Typically air turnover uses minimal make-up air and maximum recirculation allowing for very efficient fuel usage.   Air turnover solutions are ideal for areas that require few air changes, like storage areas, warehouses and distribution facilities.  Indoor placement allows for optimal temperature distribution, outdoor placement allows for optimal indoor useable floor space.

 Benefits and Features

While the air turnover units are primarily used for heating applications, our equipment can also be fitted with filters and coils for cooling, which is a Rapid Engineering advantage. Our units are available with various controls options to achieve the conditions you desire.


Our Indoor Air Turnovers are long-lasting, reliable and efficient with features like:

  • 16 gauge welded casing with structural steel frame construction
  • Fully Welded Heat Exchanger
  • Efficient 100% air recirculation
  • Screened inlet and discharge plenums
  • Full-floating heat exchanger

Additionally, we have available many options that customize your air turnover to fit your exact needs. 

 Additional Features

Choose from various add-ons, including:

  • Stainless steel secondary HX
  • 48" field-assembled extensions
  • Louvered Air Discharge Plenum
  • Cooling Options
  • Filtering Options


Depending on your needs, Rapid Engineering can also provide filtration and cooling options coupled with your air turnover unit. When filtration is required, we offer various filter types, including aluminum mesh permanent filters, 30% efficient pleated filters and 30% efficient polyester filters.

For buildings that require cooling or humidity control, we offer a broad range of cooling options. Cooling sections can be designed and sized to your unit to fit the needs of your application.

 Rapid Engineering's EXPerience  

Our air turnovers are efficient and move, filter and recirculate large quantities of air throughout the conditioned space to reduce stratification and save energy. With more than 50 years of experience and expertise, Rapid Engineering has supplied indoor and outdoor air turnover units for a variety of industries, including factories, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. For more information on our units or to speak with one of our experts, please contact us.