From oven panels for finishing equipment to replacement parts for air handlers, the experienced service team at RAPID® is here to provide an awesome customer experience and guarantee satisfaction.

Our parts and service department can help you identify and purchase replacement parts (including filters) and ship new replacements directly to you. If calling, please have unit serial number and model information ready or fill out form below. 

Phone: 616-784-0500, Follow prompts for the Parts and Service Department. 

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Rapid Engineering recommends regular inspection and maintenance of air handlers to ensure long lasting performance and to prevent potential equipment down time.


While performing maintenance or service:

  • Visit our Downloads Page for IOM manuals with maintenance instruction tips
  • Inspect the burners, mechanical & electrical components and sensors for any damage or other visual signs indicating need of repair or replacement
  • Inspect motor belts for proper tension and any signs of wear
  • Filters should also be regurarly inspected on a regular replacement schedule
  • Permanent filers should be cleaned regularly

If you are in need of replacement air handlers, our sales department will be able to select and quote complete replacement air handlers and make-up air units to fit onto existing curbs or structural steel. Direct retrofit and replacement of existing air handlers can save customers significant installation cost due to less required piping and wiring.